T Series Transceiver range

The T Series modules provide a cost effective, high-quality radio transceiver to exceed North American and equivalent radio telemetry specifications.

Today’s crowded frequency spectrum creates increased potential for both in and out-of band interference. This threat places demand on radio module performance. The T Series modules address this challenge by providing synthesised frequency agility in association with good large-signal handling characteristics.

These modules offer good receiver sensitivity: 2W or 5W RF output and a wide choice of frequency variants. Interface connections are industry based D type and BNC.

The T Series offers on-board channel storage or dynamic external frequency loading, ‘S’ meter output and receiver data recovery circuit.

The engineering integration and attention to detail has ensured the T series offers a radio transceiver at a cost-effective price that will out-perform other low-cost imports to the US market.

  • T100: 135 to 200MHz
  • T200: 200 to 270MHz
  • T400: 400 to 480MHz
  • Designed to satisfy North American approvals (FCC, DOC)
  • Compact size
  • Synthesised design
  • Data recovery circuit
  • RSSI output
  • 2W RF output (5W option)

It is our aim to never promise what we cannot deliver.

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