The Trio gives studio floor crew a compact discreet transmitter unit for gallery communications.

The Trio uses narrow band FM techniques to provide high quality audio while remaining spectrally efficient. By satisfying European ETS 300 086 mobile radio specification, Trio will technically comply with the most demanding of type approval requirements anywhere in the world. This aspect together with frequency agility, small size, excellent audio quality and extended battery life all contribute to make the Trio the natural choice for professional studio wireless intercom applications.

Users can choose the internal electret microphone and front panel push to talk switch (PTT) or an externally keyed microphone connected via a standard 3.5mm stereo jack connector.

Operating from a pair of AA batteries, Trio will give an extended battery life of over 10 hours under normal operating circumstances. A visual low battery indicator is just one of the many facilities designed as standard into these rugged units.

Using advanced synthesised frequency control techniques, Trio operates in the 400 to 900 MHz frequency range and has four non-volatile internally stored channels. These can be readily reprogrammed using standard PC software.

When used in conjunction with a Solo receiver, the combination provides a traditional ‘twin belt pack’ mode of working in contrast to the Duo duplex transceiver. Both configurations will require a Symphony base station to complete the installation.

  • 50mW RF output
  • Internal microphone with external option
  • Synthesised multi-frequency operation
  • Small and discreet
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Long battery life
  • Meets global standards
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